Space Pricing

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Galleria Pricing

We are looking for artist to display and sale their work to the general public. YOU BRING THE WORK WE SALE THE PRODUCT, YOU COLLECT ALL SALES.

We are looking for artist/creators who would like to rent display space for their products in the Galleria.
Leasing pricing is blow I will have One year agreement. Month to month with 30 day cancellation notice:

Children(11 and under and for counter top items near the registers) all small spaces
o $10 (1- 1x1 square feet of space per unit)-30 openings available.

All prices setting are set with only 20 opening per price available.
o $40 (2- 1x1 square feet of space per unit)
o $65 (4- 1x1 square feet of space per unit)
o $80 (6- 1x1 square feet of space per unit)
o $100 (8- 1x1 square feet of space per unit)
o $125 (10- 1x1 square feet of space per unit)
o $150 (8- 1x1 square feet of space per unit- Window display)

All squares will be place in a fashion that will fit the design of the store.

It may be necessary to separate your space to different parts of the store to increase the sale of your work...

You will be giving a set about of stands/display boxes, to help you display you work, however we may add more boxes during your lease time, if needed to suite our design or help you sale your work. You will not be charged extra for this service, However, if you feel you need more boxed beyond our design a $5 per box will be charge.

These numbers above include wall space and hanging items.

All students/teacher will receive a 10% discount with their free membership.

Booth and Display Lease Includes:

• Agreed space (Determined by the current price list for the Galleria)
• Standard electricity and lighting etc.
• Standard sign to display tenant preferred information.
• Listing in the ANU COMPANY directory on the official website.
• Assorted display stands for various products if needed.
• Promotions and advertisement of the location.
• Month by month business consulting for improving the sales of your items.
• Outside Promotion and Sales when needed, that would require us to take one or more of your items to any giving location. Such as Art and Craft shows or Fine art shows.
• Art receptions, focus on the Gallery artwork, but will allow people to make Galleria purchase during showings.
• A set of Business Card for the Store, with your name and our contact information.

Gallery Info

This section there will be an artists or show of the month. They will be featured as the artist of the month on our website. All paintings will have a 50% commission applied on each work sold in the Gallery section of the location. Each artist will have at least to 10 works to consider within our price bracket. If there is room for more work, the price will be left up to the artist noting that 50% will be deducted from the final sale. The ten works we will need for our purpose will be in the price range of $300 - $2000 per piece. For projecting numbers, we will consider the minimal and maximum total amount that could be sold each month and year.