Ready and open for business by August!

This is a dream that's been in the waiting. We are moving forward and opening a small location in Salt Lake City. The location will be called "Anu" Galleria. Later we will add the café it the store is a success. We are hoping to be fully functional by August. However, we may have, an event or two before then. Follow us on Facebook for updates and pictures of the store in progress.

Will be completed: January 2019

I started on this painting in 2013 for two days, then I put it away. I will continue to work on it until January of 2019. Hoping it will be done by then. I will update on the size at a later time. It is oil on Canvas. The story is of people struggling to climb out of the waterfall and grabbing a hold of the iron rod. The waterfall and river represent the struggles people go through in life. The Iron Rod is a religion term that represent faith. The Canyon is the journey that takes you to the "tree of life" which you will soon see branches reaching in the far right of the picture.

Completed: April 2016
16x20 inches
Equal to larger sizes available in canvas prints.
Original not yet available for sale.

I wanted to get back to the combination of color, sound, and shape of my work to express music. More of these types of paintings to come. This is an image of two guys, playing musical instruments and singing in the microphone while the sound of the music is crackling the atmosphere. It is finish and will be available for sale during next gallery showing.

Information coming soon!

Information coming soon!