Artwork by Robert Frankel

Open Reception April 13th, 2019
From 6pm-9pm
Closing Reception: April 31st 7pm-9pm

Artist Statement:
I like to notice things: patterns of cracks on the street, colors of sprinkles scattered across the white icing on a doughnut, the texture of peeling bark. I try to use my brush to capture tension between patterns, colors, and textures. If I am successful , those who view my work will feel the same joy I feel when creating .

I am a self-taught artist and have been involved over 20 years in painting and wood sculpting. My work is abstract and often features bright colors and unusual shapes and textures. Some of my influences include Jean Dubuffet, Roberto Marx, and Simeon Braguin.

More art from other artist as well at prices you can afford.
Food and Drinks will be provided.
Kid friendly event
Affordable art, hand made from the artist from other artist for sale

South Salt Lake, UT, 84115

2019 Mental Health Awareness Art Contest

Showing for the Month of May 2019
Award Show: May 25, 2019
Open from 11am-4pm that day.
Reception and anoucing the winners will 6pm-9pm

Apply Here

Accepted art for contest need to be delivered to Anu Company by May 4th, 2019
Voting for a winner will be offered on Facebook online and in person from May 4th to May 24th

Contest Rules:

Topic: Dueling

How people see us and how we feel/see ourselves with our mental illnesses.

All mediums of art accepted. Only one piece per final entry can be submited. Maxium size of artwork should be 11×17 inches or smaller for 2d work and 11x11x11 inches or smaller for 3d work.

All ages for entries are accepted.

All Participating Artist will be featured on our websiteEvery artist will be featured on our website with information about you and a clip of your artwork and how to reach you (email, your website, etc.).

We will put as much as we can and contact you if someone is interested in your work. We will also use this list to reach out to you about other opportunities with Anu and the city. These opportunities would mostly be presenting and selling your work.

We want to make sure that even those who don't win the contest still have a way to gain from applying.

Food and Drinks will be provided.
Affordable art from this and many other artist
Kid friendly event

South Salt Lake, UT, 84115

Open House Nights


--January 16, 2019
--Febuary 20, 2019
--March 20, 2019
--April 17, 2019
--May 22, 2019
--June 19, 2019
--July 17, 2019
--August 21, 2019
--September 18, 2019
--October 16, 2019
--November 20, 2019
--December 18, 2019

Retail Open from 11am-4pm
Open house at 6pm-8pm

Music, Food, Art and Craft with a mix of fun. During these Open House event chip, dip and drinks will be served while you check out new artist and new art

South Salt Lake, UT, 84115

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